Emergent Media and Baja Vida Bring Premium Baja-Inspired Beef Jerky and Snacks to Paradise

Michelin-star chef Brandon Rodgers of One World Ventures, shares his secret ingredients for the Baja Vida jerky line

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One World Brief’s Baja Vida has engaged with Emergent Media and its premier channel, Paradise, to deliver custom, adventure-lifestyle content to the modern explorer. With this campaign, Baja Vida is tapping into Emergent’s marquee channel, Paradise, using targeted paid media to boost traffic, awareness, and intent to purchase while showcasing Baja Vida’s brand pillars: Dare To Be Bold with a love for Exploration, Adventure and Flavor.

Creatively, the campaign incorporates content showcasing Michelin-star chef Brandon Rogers. Through a set of Instagram posts and an online article, Rodgers shares his inspirations for creating Baja Vida’s lineup of bold, flavorful, healthy, low-sugar, low-sodium, premium Baja-inspired beef jerky and snacks: “The street taco flavor of jerky and meat stick was inspired by the street fairs and tacos in Baja and all over Mexico. The main ingredient is an authentic annatto seed that is found there on the trees and it’s such a fragrant spice with a red-pink color. That flavor just screams ‘Baja inspired.’”

The campaign, running through April 15, 2022, utilizes a variety of video and social assets, employing alternating copy and targeting a premium audience of adventure-seeking snackers.

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Casio G-SHOCK Goes “Out of Office” with Emergent Media

Docuseries celebrates individuals boldly combining passion with profession

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Casio G-SHOCK and Emergent Media have partnered to create story-driven content featuring individuals who represent the toughness and ruggedness of the G-SHOCK brand.

Through Golden State’s established docuseries Out of Office – profiles of people who have designed their lifestyles and livelihoods around the outdoors – Emergent Media created two custom episodes featuring Becky Mendoza and Jeff Hull, two individuals who embody both the strength of G-SHOCK for a curious, active and adventurous community that understands and appreciates the value of time. G-SHOCK watches are featured prominently yet organically in the show’s cinematic footage.

“Casio is excited about the content and working with Emergent Media to create custom episodes of Out of Office to position G-SHOCK as the go-to watch for performance-minded explorers and creators”

The G-SHOCK-branded content exists as approximately 4-minute long video episodes, plus social cutdowns and written articles. In addition to distribution on Casio’s owned social media channels, the content is featured on goldenstate.is and organically within the Golden State and Surfers social channels.

About Becky Mendoza
As the owner of Action Sports Law Group, Becky Mendoza provides athletes and companies with quality legal services that help them more effortlessly pursue their passions. As a cofounder of the women-led Changing Tides Foundation, she strives to help solve global challenges, advocate for our planet, and create change throughout the world. In this special episode of Out of Office, celebrating International Women’s Day, we learn more about Becky and a journey that mixes passion, profession and purpose.

About Jeff Hull
California-based boat builder Jeff Hull cut his teeth as a snowboard and surfboard builder; boats were never meant to replace this work. Instead, he saw it as a new avenue to create and connect. “Once I was introduced to fiberglass, resins, epoxies…it just opened this world to things you could build.” In this next episode of Out of Office, we spend a day with Jeff, from the shop to the sea, and explore his passion for all things water-related.